neil hesman racing - 2014 season, bring it on!

OK, 2013 was cut short for me by a couple of physical issues, but up until then it had been my best ever season. The bike was running beautifully, I had reached my target weight and felt good. A new determination was upon me, wishing to beat only two people; myself and the rider in front of me. I had even managed to bag a few points, a hitherto unheard of occurrence. Having lost even more weight, largely thanks to five weeks of hospital food, I will be back and looking for more improvements in 2014.

Waiting for an operation on my eye to restore sniper vision and looking forward to removal of the fixator frame on my damaged leg, I have started work on the bike to start the season where I left off.

There is an ambitious programme of work to the bike to become more competitive, with just about every part of the machine coming under scrutiny in search of more power, less weight and greater reliability.

All this costs of course, so in order to fund the programme, new designs of Farkham Hall Racewear will be introduced. Roughly 500 teeshirt sales should pay for all the pre-season work with about the same again needed for running costs. Don't be shy now, show the world that you really don't care what they do and wear your Farkham Hall teeshirts with pride. They make great gifts too!

What's new for this season?

Jobs for next year include:

  • Change the front brake master cylinder to better match the Triumph calipers
  • Finish off building my second engine so I can have 'one on, one in the wash'
  • Build a second pair of forks with more compliant springing for the wet
  • Sort out my fuel tanks to keep the petrol clean and avoid incidents like the seizure at Paddock when a fleck of rust blocked a main jet
  • Repair the bodywork and take a mould off the fairing to make a spare
  • Fit new exhaust pipes from Gibson in search of more power
  • Make new fairing bracket, battery box and seat mount to save weight
  • Experiment with plasticine filled clipons to cut vibration to my paws
  • Fit an inline temperature gauge in search of reliable, accurate reading
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